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Magondu, E.W., Fulanda, B.M., Munguti, J.M. and Mlewa, C.M.

Toward integration of sea cucumber and cockles with culture of shrimps in earthen ponds in Kenya

Journal of the World Aquaculture Society, 1–15.

Mwamlavya, H.M., Munga, C.N., Fulanda, B.M., Omukoto, J.O., Thoya, P.Z., MacKay, F., Manyenze 1,2,
F.H. and Groeneveld, J.C.

Natural resource-use in the Lower Tana River Delta based on household surveys and remote sensing of land cover and land use patterns

Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science, Special Issue , 115-129

Manyenze, F., Munga, C.N., Mwatete, C., Mwamlavya, H. and Groeneveld, J.C.

Small-scale fisheries of the Tana Estuary in Kenya

Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science Special Issue 1, 93-114

Magondu, E.W., Munguti, J.M., Fulanda, B.M. and Mlewa, C.M.

Productivity in marine shrimp ponds using integrated multi-trophic aquaculture technology

East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, Vol 85 (1-4), 209-232.

Wanyonyi, I.N., Wamukota, A., Alati, V.M. and Osuka, K.

The influence of ‘space’ on migrant fisher livelihoods

African Identities, Vol. 19(3), 359-374.
DOI: 10.1080/14725843.2021.1937050

Obiero, M.O., Kigathi, R. and Odongo, N.

Effect of initial handling by artisanal fishermen on the quality of penaeid shrimps in Kurawa on the north coast of Kenya

Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science, Vol. 9(1), 55-62.
ISSN: 0856-860X

Buya, C.S.M. and Katam, E.J.

Challenges and Prospects of Covid-19 Pandemic for Education in Africa

The International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies,
Vol. 9(6), 207-215.
ISSN 2321 - 9203

Awadh, A.H

An analysis study on the need of investing in the Contemporary Waqf fields on the Kenyan Coast

Journal of Asian and African Social Science and Humanities, Vol 7(4), 13-28.
ISSN: 2413-2748

Chidongo, T.M.

Religious encounter in African schools: can it be a platform for addressing insecurity?

Studies in Interreligious Dialogue, Vol 31(1), 35-48
DOI: 10.2143/SID.31.1.3289542

Kioko, E.N., Udoto, M.O. and Ong’ayo, A.H

Effectiveness of FM Radio Mass Extension Service Delivery Method on Access to Agricultural Technologies among Smallholder Farmers in Laikipia West Sub-County, Kenya

International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge; Volume-6 Issue-11.

Wanjala, S.W., Ssewanyana, D., Mwangala P.N., Nasambu, C., Chongwo, E., Luchters, S., Newton, C R. J. C.  and Abubakar, A.

Validity, reliability, and measurement
invariance of an adapted short version
of the HIV stigma scale among perinatally HIV infected adolescents at the Kenyan coast

Global Health Research and Policy,
Vol 6(1), 49

Wanjala, S.W., Too, E. K., Luchters, S and Abubakar, A.

Psychometric Properties of the Berger HIV Stigma Scale: A Systematic Review.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol 18(24),13074.

Mwawasi, S. M.

Analyzing the Influence of Selected Talent Management Practices on Employee Discretionary Work Behaviours in Organizations

Journal of Human Resource Management; 9(3): 64-68.
doi: 10.11648/j.jhrm.20210903.12
ISSN: 2331-0707 (Print); ISSN: 2331-0715 (Online)

Luvai, A. K., Obiero, J. P.O. and Omuto, C.T.

Land Use and Land Cover Change Assessment for Management of a Dam Reservoir (A Case Study of Maruba Dam, Machakos

International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), 10(8), 414 – 418.
ISSN: 2278-0181

Luvai, A. K., Obiero, J. P.O. and Omuto, C.T.

Sediment Discharge Analysis for a Seasonal Stream (A Case Study of Maruba Stream, Machakos, Kenya)

International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, Vol 10(8), 327 – 331.
ISSN: 2278-0181

Karani, C., Gido, E. and Bett, H.

Management and safety practices in utilization of agro-food waste among urban agro-producer households

International Journal of Human Capital in Urban Management,
Vol. 6(4), 393-412
DOI: 10.22034/IJHCUM.2021.04.04

Oluoch, O.B., Muindi, E. M. and  Gogo E.O

Saline Irrigation Water Retards Growth of Amaranthus in Coastal Kenya

NASS Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Vol 03(02), 48-55

Rewe, M.K., Muindi, E. M., Ndiso, J., Kinusu, K., Mailu, S., Njeru, P.and Rewe, T.

Effect of Bioslurry from Fixed Dome and Tubular (Flexi) Bio digesters on Selected Soil Chemical Properties, Maize (Zea mays) Growth, Yield and Quality.

International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, 33(20),158-171


Bett, K.M.,Tole, M. and
Mlewa, C.M

Impact of a ring net fishery in the inshore
marine waters of Kilifi on the reproductive biology of six pelagic fish species

Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science, 20(1), 1-10.
ISSN: 0856-860X
DOI: 10.4314/wiojms.v20i1.1

 Othoche, B.

Book Chapter 10; Exploring Technologies for Sustainable Transboundary Water Resource Management in the Era of Climate Change: A Case for the Nile River Basin Riparian States.

Nile and Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-76437-1_10

Too, E.K., Abubakar, A., Nasambu, C., Koot, H.M., Cuijpers, P., Charles Newton, C.RJC. and  Nyongesa, M.K.

Prevalence and factors associated with common mental disorders
in young people living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: a
systematic review

Journal of the International AIDS Society 2021, 24(S2):e25705 |

Rohner, C.A., Bealey, R., Fulanda, B.M., Everett, J.D., Richardson, .A.J.  Pierce, S.J.

Movement ecology of black marlin Istiompax indica in the Western Indian Ocean

 Journal of Fish Biology; 1–16.
DOI: 10.1111/jfb.14809

M’ithibutu, M.J., Gogo, E.O., Mangale, F.L. and  Baker, G.

Effect of Vegetable Commercialization on Food Safety

Asian Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Vol 9(2), 46-52. (ISSN: 2321 – 1571),

 Karani, C.and Mshenga, P.

Steering the sustainability of entrepreneurial start-ups

Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research, 1-17

Juma, B.S., Mweu, C., Piero, M and  Mbinda, W.

CRISPR/Cas genome editing: A frontier for
transforming precision cassava breeding

African Journal of Biotechnology
Vol. 20(6), 237-250.
DOI: 10.5897/AJB2021.17344
ISSN: 1684-5315

Fidow, A.N.,  Mwakimako, H and   Awadh, A.H.

Vol.4, Issue 1, No. 2, pp 16 - 27

Islam and Terrorism

Journal of Philosophy, Culture and Religion, Vol 4(1), No 2, 16-27
ISSN 2520-0445

Kiyuka, P. K., Moindi, R.O., Murunga, N.,  Muinga, N., Mutua, M.N., Wanjala, S., Sandra, S., Mumba, N., Odhiambo,E.O., Mutengu, L. and  Shauri, H.S

Assessing risk perceptions that contribute to tetanus toxoid maternal vaccine hesitancy in Kilifi County, Kenya

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Sammy Wambua, S.,  Gourlé, H., Villiers, E.P., Lindsjö, O.K., Wambiji, N.,  Macdonald, A., Rudloff , E.B and Villiers, S.

Cross-Sectional Variations in
Structure and Function of Coral Reef
Microbiome With Local
Anthropogenic Impacts on the
Kenyan Coast of the Indian Ocean

Frontiers in Microbiology
doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2021.673128

Cartmill, M. K., Blackmore, I., Sarange, C., Mbeyu, R., Cheupe, C., Cheupe, J., Kamau, E.M., Iannotti, L., Wamukota, A., Humphries, A. and Lesorogo,C.

Fish and Complementary Feeding Practices for Young Children: Qualitative Research
Findings From Coastal Kenya

American Society for Nutrition, Volume Issue Section: Global Nutrition, Vol 5(2), 632.

Mwaluma, J., Ngisiang’e, N., Osore, M., Kamau, J., Ong’anda, H. , Kilonzi, J , Roberts, M, Popova., E. and Painter, C.S

Assemblage structure and distribution of fish larvae on the North Kenya
Banks during the Southeast Monsoon season

Ocean and Coastal Management Vol 212, 10

Luvai, A.K., Obiero, J. P.O.  and Omuto, C.T.

Assessment of Soil Loss in a Typical Ungauged Dam Catchment
using RUSLE Model (Maruba Dam, Kenya)

Journal of Environment and Earth Science, Vol.11(16), 1-13

ISSN 2224-3216 (Paper) ISSN 2225-0948 (Online)
DOI: 10.7176/JEES/11-16-06

Erasto, D.A., Okeyo, B., Dharani, N.

Assessment of Structure and Natural Regeneration Capacity of
Avicennia Marina and Bruguiera Gymnorrhiza Species of Mangroves
in Mida Creek Kilifi County, Kenya

International Journal of Plant, Animal and Environmental Sciences, Vol 11(2), 262-294. 10.26502/ijpaes.202106

Munyaya, E. J.

The Contribution of Kiswahili in the Implementation of the Mother Tongue Policy: A Case Study of Kilifi North Sub-County, Kilifi County, Kenya

The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies, Vol 9 (6), 27-31.
ISSN 2321 - 9203
DOI No.:10.24940/theijhss/2021/v9/i6/HS2106-003

Munyaya, E. J.

Noun Derivations in Kigiryama Using Aronoff’s Word Formation Theory

The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies; Vol 9(6), 18-26.
ISSN 2321–9203

Omar, E.A., Chemagosi, M.J., Maneno, R.J.,

Teacher - Pupil Ratio and Teaching of Mathematics Concepts Among primary School Grade Three Pupils
in Magarini Sub County, Kenya

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science, Vol V(V),

 ISSN 2454-6186

Logedi, J., Chemagosi, M.J., Lusweti, S.

Parental participation in home
learning among public pre-primary
schools learners in Mombasa
County, Kenya

International Journal of Creative Research Thought, Vol 9(5), 239-247.
ISSN: 2320-2882

Mwakumanya, M. A.

Beach Erosion Hazard Vulnerability Assessment of Bamburi Beach in Mombasa, Kenya

International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, Vol. 12(3), 80-86
doi: 10.18178/ijesd.2021.12.3.1322

Buya, C.S.M.

Teaching Reflective Thinking in Institutions of Higher Learning in Kenya as a Means For Sustainable Development

Journal of the Kenya National
Commission for UNESCO,
Vol. 1(1), 13-24
ISSN 2789-527

Nyongesa, M.K., Mwangi, P., Kinuthia, M., Hassan, A.S. Hans, Koot, M., Cuijpers, P., Newton, C.R.J.C. and Abubakar, A.

Prevalence, risk and protective indicators of common mental disorders among young people living with HIV compared to their uninfected peers from the Kenyan coast: a cross-sectional study

BMC Psychiatry, Vol 21, 90.

Syombua, E.D., Adero, M.O., Mbinda, W., Wanyonyi, C.N., Ngugi, M.P. and Oduor, R.O. 

A system for rapid gene introgression into cassava immature leaves and subsequent recovery of transformed lines

Plant Biotechnology Reports
Online ISSN 1863-5474; Print ISSN 1863-5466

Mbinda, W. and Masaki, H.

Breeding Strategies and Challenges in the Improvement of Blast Disease Resistance in Finger Millet. A Current Review.

Frontier in Plant Science

Muwawa, E.M., Obieze, C. C., Makonde, H.M., Jefwa, J.M., Kahindi, J.H.P. and  Khasa, D.P.

16SrRNA gene amplicon-based metagenomic analysis of bacterial communities in the rhizospheres of selected mangrove species from Mida Creek and Gazi Bay, Kenya.

PLOS ONE, 16(3):e0248485. 

Wekesa, I.M. and Jaganyi, D. 

The electronic effect of quinoline moieties on the lability of platinum (II) complexes    of tridentate N^N^N and N^C^N ligands: a kinetic, mechanistic and theoretical analysis.

Transition Metal Chemistry, Vol 46, 363–371

Olwendo, J. and Cilliers, P.

Storm induced ionospheric irregularities at the low/equatorial and mid-latitude regions over the Africa-Europe sector during the magnetic storm on March 6–8, 2016

Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Vol 216, 105591

Olwendo, J., Cilliers, P. and Ming, O.

Monthly trends in temporal and spatial distribution of Ionospheric Irregularities across
the African region during the descending phase of solar cycle 24.

Advances in Space Research, Vol 67(10), 3187-3201

Mbinda, W., Kavoo, A., Maina, F., Odeph, M., Mweu, C., Nzilani, N. and Ngugi, M.

Farmers’ knowledge and perception of finger millet blast disease and its control practices in western Kenya

CABI Agriculture and Bioscience, 2, 13

Bunu, S.M., Ong’ayo, A. H., Shauri, H.S.

Conservation of cultural heritage for community socio-economic prosperity: The case of Lamu East and West Sub-Counties, Lamu County, Kenya

Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science, 19(2), 61-74.
ISSN: 0856-860X

Olang’o, J., Malechwanzi, J., Murage, S. and Amuka, L.

Effects of Free Day Secondary Education Policy on Academic Performance of Rural Public Day Secondary Schools in Kilifi County, Kenya

Journal of Learning for Development, 8(1), 192-203.
ISSN: 2311-1550.

Anam, R.O., Mwatete, C.M. and  Wambiji, N.

Morphological and meristic characters of six rabbitfish species (Family: Siganidae) in Kenya.

Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science. 19(2):89-103; ISSN: 0856-860X.

Akula, L.A., Muindi, E. M., Mounde, L.G. and Mcharo, M.

Effect of Plant Densities on Yield Potential of Nerica 10 Rice Variety (Oryza sativa L.) In Taita Taveta County.

International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, Vol 33(1), 40-46.
DOI: 10.9734/ijpss/2021/v33i130406
ISSN: 2320-7035.

Mutunga, F.M., Olenyi, K.M., Strom, A.I. and Anderson, D.T.

Hydrogen atom quantum diffusion in solid parahydrogen: The H + N2O → cis-HNNO → trans-HNNO reaction

The Journal of Chemical Physics,
Vol. 154 (1).

M’ithibutu, M.J., Gogo, E.O.,
Mangale, F.L. and Baker, G.

Evaluating Agribusiness Regulatory Compliance among Vegetable Producers in Kenya Against Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Food Safety

Asian Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Vol. 9(1), 26-45.
ISSN: 2321–1571

M’ithibutu, M.J., Gogo, E.O.,
Mangale, F.L. and Baker, G.

An evaluation of the factors influencing
Vegetable commercialization in Kenya

International Journal of Agriculture, Vol.6 (1), 1-19.
ISSN 2520-4629X (Online)

Abdallah, B., Githiri, S.M., Kariuki, W. and Saha, H.M.

Evaluation of different methods of multiplying sweet potato planting material in coastal lowland Kenya

African Journal of Agricultural
Research, Vol. 17(2), 208-214.
DOI: 10.5897/AJAR2020.15164

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