Dean: Dr. Maarifa Ali Mwakumanya
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The School of Environmental and Earth Sciences (SEES) offers multidisciplinary courses in environmental, community development and earth sciences and provides an understanding of the interactions between the natural functioning of the planet earth and the consequences of human impact on the environment. The primary focus of the School is the links between human societal dynamics, environmental sustainability and the ability of the earth to withstand the interactions. The school currently offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree levels programmes in the areas of Environmental Sciences, Environmental Planning and Management, Environmental Studies in Community Development, and Geography. Programs to be introduced soon in the School include GIS and Remote Sensing; Urban planning and Development, Mineral Exploration and Mining; Mineral Processing and marketing Geology, Natural Resources Management and Disaster Management and conflict resolution among others.

Currently, the staff and students in the school are engaged in researches in Mariculture, Climate change resilience and adaptation, Human-wildlife conflicts, Payment for ecosystems services, and Sediment dynamics and hydrology on sand dunes, Biodiversity based value chain, Livelihood needs and nature conservation in biodiversity hotspots among others.

The School has the following Departments:

  •  Department of Environmental Science
  •  Department of Environmental Studies (Community Development)
Prof. Tole Mwakio Professor (DVC (AFP)) Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Mohamed Khalil Timammy Associate Professor Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Maarifa Ali Mwakumanya Senior Lecturer (Dean, SEES) Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Okeyo Benards Senior Lecturer (COD, Environmental Science) Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Najma Dharani Senior Lecturer (School Representative to Graduate School committee) Curriculum Vitae
Mr. Justin Kimani Assistant Lecturer Curriculum Vitae
Dr. James M. Chege Lecturer Curricuum Vitae
Dr. Tunje Joseph Lecturer (Departmental Exams Coordinator) Curriculum Vitae
Sekou Toure Kenyanito Assistant Lecturer Curriculum Vitae
Thomas Owino Juma Assistant Lecturer Curriculum Vitae
Bertha Othoche Assistant Lecturer Curriculum Vitae
Tunje Mwamuye Pole Assistant Lecturer Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Laji Adoyo Lecturer Curriculum Vitae
John Malii Assistant Lecturer Curriculum Vitae
Bakari Nassoro Mwakileo Assistant Lecturer Curriculum Vitae
Moses Kamau Ndirangu Assistant Lecturer Curriculum Vitae
Moses Kamau Assistant Lecturer Curriculum Vitae
Thomas Ouma Assistant Lecturer Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Annie Hilda Ong’ayo Senior Lecturer (CoD; Environmental Studies (Community Development)) Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Andrew Wamukota Lecturer (School Exams Coordinator) Curriculum Vitae 
Dr. Amos Ngira Mujema Lecturer Curriculum Vitae 
James Chege Assistant Lecturer Curriculum Vitae 
Gerald Maina Irungu Assistant Lecturer Curriculum Vitae